Preparing Just Teachers: Leveraging the Disruptive Potential of Teacher Education

Deborah Lowenberg Ball

Deborah Lowenberg Ball, University of Michigan

Teaching is powerful. Filled with discretionary spaces, teaching has the power to reinforce patterns of social, personal, and epistemic injustice and harm, or to disrupt these patterns.  Beginning teachers often take these patterns for granted based on their experience as learners in schools.  This presentation will focus on how teacher education can interrupt the persistence of patterns, and support novice teachers to be active in resisting them and in creating alternatives. This involves how novices are supported to develop their capacity with and to connect (1) knowing mathematics for teaching, (2) seeing and disrupting inequities, and (3) enacting complex teaching practices. These are too often taught separately in teacher education, leaving to novice teachers the challenge of putting them together in practice and resulting in the perpetuation of normative practice. To examine this disruptive approach to preparing teachers, the session will focus on the practice of leading group discussions.